Ways to Monitor Your Health

New technologies have been developed to enable the elderly to live independently longer. This article summarizes the emergence of available technology that allows for detailed and quick home monitoring. The elderly person goes about his or her day, unencumbered by the thoughts of forgetting to take medication, turning off the stove, or forgetting to lock the front doors. All their actions are being monitored by their children, who can warmly and conveniently remind them if they forget to do so.

However, this technology has raised some questions. “I think the critical question is: Is this something the parent wants?” said Nancy K. Schlossberg, a counseling psychologist and professor emerita at the University of Maryland. Seniors have to understand that this technology isn’t an invasion of privacy, but merely a way for their loved ones, who may be many miles away, to watch over and protect them.

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Hilary Stout, “Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents”
The New York Times

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