Midnight Snacks Solves A Big Problem

Midnight Munchies Keep Elderly Safer In NY Nursing Home – NPR

Midnight snacks aren’t just for college students anymore”

A CNA working in a nursing home in New York had always had trouble coaxing her dementia patients back to bed. Often they didn’t realize what time it was and would wander in the night and risk falling. She wanted to change that. One night a man woke up and began to get ready to go to the market. The nursing assistant thought of a simple idea and ran with it. She went to the kitchen and got some hot coffee and a slice of cake and brought it to him. He ate the cake and drank the coffee and then just went back to bed. This was so successful that the nursing home adopted an entire Midnight Snacks Program based on this one incident. It wasn’t a rigorous scientific study, but the place is a lot calmer these days, all day and all night.

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