Always Here – Supports “Team Malaria No More”


Always Here Supports Team “Malaria No More.”

Every 60 seconds, a child under the age of five dies of malaria from the bite of a mosquito.   That is about 1,500 young lives lost every day and over 600,000 just last year—over 90% of  them in sub-Saharan Africa.  Malaria claims the lives of more children than any other single  disease on the planet.  However, it is preventable and treatable.  It was eradicated in the United  States sixty years ago, so we know we can do it in Africa.  For Team “Malaria No More, “Ending malaria in Africa is not only about saving kids’ lives – though that is what motivates me – but also is about freeing up crucial, limited health care resources to address other urgent health needs like HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, as well as helping to invigorate African economies, which lose an estimated $12 billion in economic activity every year to malaria.”

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