Technology Bringing Peace Of Mind to Families of Alzheimer’s Patients

At 7 years old, Brian Starling is sly, escaping his Natick home at times by working the three front door locks meant to contain him.

But if he wanders from his house, or gets separated from family members at an amusement park, he probably won’t realize he’s lost. His severe autism means he’s also unlikely to respond to anyone searching for him, even if he becomes dehydrated or hypothermic.

That’s why a watch-size device is strapped to Starling’s right ankle, where it will remain as long as he doesn’t get his hands on scissors. It emits an FM radio signal, trackable for up to a mile by ground and up to seven miles by air.

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“Families of Alzheimer’s, Autism Patients Find Peace of Mind in Beacon” By: Michael Morton
MetroWest Daily News
July 22, 2012

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