Loneliness in Seniors Is Hazardous to Their Health

Tips to Prevent Isolation and Loneliness in Seniors

  1. If you are going to the market, ask if he or she needs something.
  2. Volunteer to take her to the doctor. Older patients can be intimidated by medical professionals and might be resistant to take up too much of the doctor’s time with questions. Suggest helping her to create a list of questions for the doctor she is to see.
  3. Propose that you are available to talk after his doctor visit to help distill what the doctor said. Suggest that he take notes during the discussion or offer to take notes for him.
  4. Help her create a list of her medications and dosages and what medical conditions she is taking them for. This will empower her. Maybe she needs help with organizing her medications. Medication mistakes are rampant among the elderly.
  5. Leave your phone numbers with him in case of an emergency.

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“Loneliness in Seniors Is Hazardous to Their Health” By: Martine Ehrenclou

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