Positive Thinking About Aging Helps Adults Become Fit, Feel Younger; Ending Stereotypes Is Key

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Positive stereotypes when it comes to aging are few and far between; I guess the word “stereotypes” says as much. But a new study published in Psychological Science found that a lack thereof is what leads to negative outcomes.

Researchers split 100 participants between ages 61 and 99 (!) into four groups. One group served as a control, while one underwent an implicit intervention, another underwent an explicit intervention, and the last underwent a combination of the two. Implicit intervention meant participants were shown combination words, like “wise and senior” or “spry and old,” while explicit groups were ask to write about fit and active older adults. After four weeks, each group completed physical tests measuring their ability to walk, balance, and get up from a chair. While the explicit groups didn’t show any improvement, the implicit group did. [Read more…]

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