November is National Family Caregivers Month!

Caregivers come in many forms, whether its a mother tending to her young child, a grand child helping their grandparent at breakfast, or a helper that assists a person with disabilities in normal daily activities such as running errands or preparing meals. Here at Always Here Home Care, caregivers are the backbone of our company. We know the importance of our caregivers and the impact that they make on our clients.

We recognize November as National Family Caregivers Month!



Here are a few small ways we can show our caregivers that we appreciate them:

  • Write them a letter or card. Sometimes our caregivers are so nurturing and compassionate that they forget all of the things that they do for us. Tell them how you feel about them and the impact that they’ve made on your life in a letter or a small card. A personal reminder of how important they are to you could be just the thing to show them how loved they are.
  • Talk to them. Ask them, “How are you, really?” how their day was, and listen to their response. Engage in meaningful conversation with your caregiver. Inquire about their likes and dislikes. They will know for a fact that you care about them if you try to make a connection with them.
  • Praise them. If you appreciate your caregiver, let them know! Tell them in person how much of a good job they are doing. Let their supervisor know how good they are performing as well. Recommend them to others in need of care. Your caregiver will feel like you care about them if you sing their praises as many times as possible.
  • Smile! Show them you are grateful by being pleasant when they are around. Make an effort to be kind, as they are making that same effort to be kind to you. Make eye contact with them so that they know you are engaged with them.
  • Share an experience with them. Suggest that you go on a walk somewhere you both have not been before. Try a new place for lunch. Do something out of your routine with them if you are able. The shared experience will be something that you can both remember as a special time together.


Here are some interesting articles celebrating caregivers:
Presidential Proclamation – National Family Caregivers Month, 2015 – Official letter from President Obama.

Care-giving in the US 2015 – A research study from the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP that gives perspective on the different kinds of caregivers that exist today in the United States and the different challenges that they face. There is also a Webinar online that is worth listening to.

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